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A new concept of a pinball game, played on a Cricket field with cricket-style scoring.A simple game with 2 key controls.

A new concept of a pinball game, played on a Cricket field with cricket-style scoring.
A simple game with 2 key controls.
The primary objective is to achieve the Target Score set at the beginning of every game.
The Target is reached by scoring runs within the stipulated number of balls, based on the game format selected. Your skills are put to test while directing the balls inside the playing area in a bid to accumulate runs.
Become a Star Player – track your Milestones and Top Scores as you play…
How to Play….
BEGINNER level :
1. Select Game Format:
a. T20 (Twenty20 Internationals / League) : game played over 120 balls.
b. ODI (One Day Internationals) : game played over 300 balls.
2. Gameplay :
a. To Start a game, Select the Team, Format and Target to chase.
b. The Player has the option to revise the Target displayed.
c. At the start there are 10 wickets in hand to score the Target runs with the Left / Right bats.
d. The ball shoots towards the bats at random speeds (fast, medium or slow) from 3 different delivery points on the field.
e. As the ball approaches the bat, use the Left / Right Arrow keys or Buttons to move the Left / Right bats respectively and hit the ball to score runs.
f. Time the ball well as it hits the bat in an attempt to score maximum runs every ball.
g. The scoreboard displays the details at every stage of the game.
4. Scoring Runs :
a. Get a score of: 0 (dot), 1, 2, 4 or 6 runs whenever the ball hits the respective hats on the field.
b. The runs from every ball keep getting added to the score in the bid to achieve the target.
c. The balls keep getting reduced after every delivery when the ball hits the fielders (hats).
d. Each time the ball hits the Free Hit zone, it is a no-ball and an extra run is awarded.
Power Play :
a. For the first 36 balls in a T20, some of the hats give double the runs to boost your scores.
b. For the first 60 balls in an ODI, some of the hats give double the runs to boost your scores.
c. Once the balls in PowerPlay are exhausted, the hats are restored to normal runs 0s, 1s, 2s, 4s, 6s.
5. Losing Wickets :
a. Each time the ball goes behind and hits the stumps, the Player is out “Bowled” and lose 1 wicket.
b. Each time the ball goes into the red zone, the Player is out “Caught” and lose 1 wicket.
c. The game ends when all 10 wickets are lost.
6. Result :
If you reach the Target Score with less than 10 wickets lost and use up less than the stipulated number of balls based on the game format selected…
… You win !
ADVANCED level :
After every Win, a higher Target Score is set.
The next Objective is then to achieve the new Target Score within the same number of balls based on the game format selected.
Set your Own Challenge:
If you achieve a High Score of 180 in T20 or 250 in ODI for the first time…
AI generates random targets (which can be revised) to chase for subsequent games.
Star Tip:
Each time you click on ‘T20’ or ‘ODI’, you will get a revised target to chase.
You may then choose your game that challenges you best.
a. There are 8 slots for 8 teams to be created.
b. You can choose your team from the list of 8 available teams.
c. You can also change / edit any of the teams along with the 11 player names per team.
d. These players would be the batsmen (no.1 to no.11) to chase the target score.
The Team Scorecard displays the individual players’ / bats’ runs, fall of wickets (FOW) for that game.
Track Career Statistics :
Track the milestones each time a batsman scores a 50 or a 100.
Accumulate your career runs with each runs scored in every game.
Additionally, each time you win a game, the win is recorded and goes into your success % of wins per total games played.
High Scores :
For each format, your High Scores of games are tracked in the main screen table covering the Highest Runs in each format.
(Note : This game has not been set up or tested for accessibility.)
Are You Now Ready? … Let The GAMES Begin…

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